How to add simple products to WooCommerce?

Adding products to your online store is the main activity you need to take care of at the beginning.

In this tutorial we will show you how you can easily add a simple one following the steps below. Please have in mind that even that both the WordPress application and the WooCommerce plugin are fully compatible with our hosting packages when your products and customers grow in number you might be required to upgrade depending on the current plan you are using.

The first thing you should do first is to access your WordPress dashboard:

Next go to Products > Add Product:

On the Add New Product page you need to enter several details and configure some options. We will explain them one by one:

First you need to add the product name and detailed description which will be available on the product page.

Next you should choose the product type and fill in the details associated with it. In this tutorial we will show you the options for a Simple Product.

General Subsection:

Regular Price – here you need to enter the price for your product

Sale Price – you can also enter a lower price for the item when it is on sale

Tax status – you should specify if the product will be taxable, non-taxable or you will be adding a tax to the shipping only.

Tax class – specify the tax class for this product

Inventory subsection:

These are the options you need to configure:

SKU – this is a unique identifier that you need to apply to all of your products to make it possible to trace it in the Stock-keeping unit.

Manage stock – here you can specify if you want to trace the available quantity of your product.

Stock quantity – this is the exact quantity that you currently have in stock.

Allow backorder – if this option is enabled the clients will be able to purchase the product even if it is out of stock.

Stock status – specify if the product is available or it is out of stock

Sold individually – if you check this option a customer will be able to buy only one piece of this item in a single order.

Shipping subsection:

In order to calculate the shipping fees properly you should fill in the product weight and dimensions and also the shipping class which is appropriate for it.

Linked Products subsection:

Up-sells – this option allows you to link products of better quality or a higher price as a suggestion to the current item

Cross-sells – here you can link additional recommended products to the current one

Grouping – this feature gives you the opportunity to specify that the products is part of a group of items. For example the first book of a trilogy.

Attributes subsection:

Here you can add specific attributes to your product such as size, color or something else.

The next field in the Add Product page is the short description of the product. It is displayed right next to it and the customer can get more information about it:

Now look at the right side of the page. At the top you should be able to see the Publish section:

However, before you submit your new item you should add it to the appropriate Category, add Tags, Product images and Gallery. You can do that from the sections under the Publish one:

Once all the options are configured and the product is published it will be visible in the frontend of your store: