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TMDHosting Start-up Promo Package
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Running a popular website requires marketing knowledge, technical skills and time. With our services you can save time and easily market your website.

We treat our Customers with great care. They love us.

My experience with TMD hosting has been wonderful. They make the process so easy and affordable. They have tons of open source applications that they will install for you! The helpdesk has been extra help with the installation of difficult packages and resolution of issues. I never had this kind of help with my former host. I don't normally recommend these types of things but I absolutely recommend them to anyone who asks. They are exactly how they present themselves to be... no bait and switch once you sign up.

~ Sarita, TMDHosting Customer

You Guys Rock!!!! I have never seen a Hosting company that go out of their way to help and teach someone that is having problems. NEver Had to wait more than 20 minutes after submitting a work order. NO one can hold a candle to you guys!!!!

~ Brandon Bader, TMDHosting Customer

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