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vTiger faq

Yes. All of our servers cover the system requirements of Vtiger script. By doing this you can simply deploy your files and start working on your website.

Vtiger is one of the most used and popular CRM softwares out there. Vtiger supports both an Open Source and Paid software, their Open Source software provides amazing user experience, furthermore it is an easy to setup and use CRM unlike no other, however their Cloud Edition which is the licensed software provides amazing features such as free installations, support, version upgrades and more.

Vtiger is an amazing CRM application that has a completely free Open Source version, which you can download and use. Vtiger supports email notifications and everything your business needs to be well organised, additionally many customers are fond with the Workflow option that Vtiger provides, Workflow will assist you in automating your tasks.

Workflows is a streamline for your business by automation operations like sending emails, creating activities, updating fields, etc. In order for this tasks to be performed automatically you will have to execute them manually. You can setup a Workflow by going to Settings (The gear icon in the top right corner next to your username) > CRM Settings > Other Settings > Workflows > New Workflow.

Vtiger has default Cron Job which you can use, the common Cron Job for Vtiger is located in /Vtiger_directory/cron/Vtigercron.sh. In order to execute this Cron Job simply add the following command in the Cron Job fields of cPanel:

If your installation is located at the root of your account “public_html”:
“sh /home/cpaneluser/public_html/cron/Vtigercron.sh”

If your installation is located at a directory under “public_html”:
“sh /home/cpanel-user/public_html/Vtiger/cron/Vtigercron.sh”

Note that you have to change “cpanel-user” and “Vtiger” directory with the actual ones you are using.

Vtiger has an built in SMTP configuration settings, which you can access by going to Configuration (The Gear Button in the top right corner next to your Username) > CRM Settings > Other Settings > Outgoing Server.

Once you are in the Outgoing Server configuration menu you will have to fill in the fields in Mail Server Settings (SMTP). “Server name” should be provided as following “ssl://hostname.com:465”, for User Name enter the email you are going to use for SMTP, in the Password field enter the password for the email account you are using in User Name, the “From Email” field is optional and you may leave it blank, note that if left blank then the User Email address will be picked up. Last field is a checkbox for Requires Authentication, you should always check this box, or your SMTP service will not work properly.

Vtiger theme installation is an easy task even if you are not an expert in the application. Once you have chosen a template you can download it on your computer extract it and upload the files via FTP, you need to upload the folder you extracted of the theme in the “themes” directory located inside Vtiger’s root directory. You should now have /Vtiger/themes/thenewtheme.

Once you have uploaded the theme it will be available for use in your Vtiger website, in order to activate it go to Admin Backend > Settings (Gear icon in the top right corner) > Users > User > Theme, there you will see a drop down menu with the available themes, choose the theme you have just installed.

Vtiger CRM has an amazing built in User Management system, where you can edit the settings and privileges of different users, you can assign profiles of users to roles. In order to do this you need to go to the Admin Panel of the application > Settings (Gear icon in the top right corner) > CRM Settings > User and Access Control > Profiles > Add Profile.

Once you have created a new Profile you can assign Permissions to it. In order to assign Profile to a role, go to Settings > CRM Settings > User and Access Control > Roles > Select the desired role and the profile which it will use, and click Save.

Vtiger has multiple of language packs, in order to change the language simply click on your profile name in the top-right corner, choose “My Preferences” from the drop-down menu. This will open a page with many fields containing customization options, one of the fields is named “More Information”, under this field there is an option “Language”, from this option you can change the language of your Vtiger’s website.

Vtiger provides with a lot of currency configuration settings, which can be managed through the Admin Area of your website. In order to add new Currencies, click on the gear button in the top-right corner > CMS Settings > Other Settings > Currency > “Add Curreny”.

To choose a currency login to the Administration backend of your website > click on the username on the top-right corner, this will open a drop-down menu > access the “My Preferences” tab of your account. After clicking on the “My Preferences” tab you will be redirected to a new page with options, scroll down to the field of options named “Currency and Number Field Configuration”, from this field you will be able to configure the Currency options for your account. 

Vtiger can be configured through the Administration Area of the application, in order to find this feature log in to your Administration Area > Click on the Gear Button on the top-right corner and select “CRM Settings”, once you have accessed the “CRM Settings” navigate to “Other Settings” > “Configuration Editor”, from these options you will be able to place Global Settings on your Vtiger application.