We can build custom infrastructure to meet your exact business needs and specifications

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We will design and build a fully custom solution to fit your needs

Our approach is to understand the unique requirements of each customer’s business before suggesting any pre-made plans, servers or builds. This allows us to create a customized infrastructure that is tailored to their specific needs.

Whether it’s a single instance setup, a public or private cloud configuration or a geographically dispersed cluster architecture, we have the expertise to build it all.

Fully managed

Our valuable customers are able to devote their entire focus to their fundamental business operations, while we undertake the responsibility of overseeing the management and maintenance of their hosting infrastructure.

Development workflow

If you have a specific development workflow in mind that you would like to employ for your project, you can rely on us to provide tailored assistance. We are fully equipped to help you devise a customized workflow that aligns with your unique needs, or alternatively, integrate your existing workflow into our solution.

Reliable architecture

We build a reliable architecture by utilizing industry-leading technology and best practices. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that every aspect of the architecture is meticulously designed and implemented to provide a robust and dependable infrastructure for our clients.

We can provide you with Enterprise Level of support and a custom SLA for your project

Tailored Onboarding

You will work with our best engineers to determine what are your technical objectives and goals. They will help you determine the right path to take and advise with you the optimal solution parameters.

Our best engineers will ensure that the initial assessment of your needs is channelled properly through the organization and parties involved with your project.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our top priority is to provide our clients with a hassle-free hosting experience, which allows them to remain fully focused on their core business operations. We understand that managing hosting infrastructure can be a complex and time-consuming task, which is why we have a team of experts dedicated to handling all aspects of infrastructure management on behalf of our clients.

Flexible contact options

Our company provides multiple options for customer support, including tickets, chat, and Slack. These channels offer fast and effective communication, enabling our clients to easily reach us with any issues they may encounter. Our team is always available and ready to provide personalized support to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible.

Proficiency and 15+ years of experience with all leading application solutions, including






We can help with custom setup and combination of majority of technologies, including












Tell us all your needs and let us help you get any custom infrastructure going

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    I have used TMD hosting since setting up my website, and the service they provide is excellent.
    As a novice in this area, it is great to have such support and I am confident that whatever problem I have they will provide help and support in rectifying it. The response time is super quick and communication secure, I would definitely recommend this company.
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    I forget how many years I have been with TMD Hosting, probably around 8 or 9 now.
    Each renewal I check the competition, maybe even try out some free offers for hosting, but each year I renew with TMD Hosting. I have not found any other service provider that comes close to response times for customer service or technical support, nothing better for quality of service and ease in use, and no other provider more professional. Highly recommended
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    This is the best Hosting company I have ever used the service is 2nd to none.
    Most helpfull all the time with lightning speeds and I would highly recommend to everyone.
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    Having hosted with several other companies over the past 20 years, we've got something to compare to, and we have found TMD to be great value for money.
    Support is great -- both technical support and sales support.
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    Would highly recommend their services.
    They have been fast, friendly, courteous, and accommodating with their support. Their webhosting has been great too! If you're looking for a great webhost, start here!
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    I've used TMDHosting for several years and I am completely satisfied with their platform.
    Its clean and easy to use, good value, full of all required features & tools, and the customer service is spot on!
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    We needed hosting for 180 WordPress sites and found their setup very easy to use.
    Support tickets are answered in minutes and the techs really know their stuff. They never pass me down the line. Prices cannot be beat either!
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    I've been using TMD now for 2 years to run my online business.
    I've never had any downtime on their behalf. There was an occasion when I brought my site with a careless mistake and reached out to their team for assistance. They were very quick to respond and help me out. When I first set up my online business I needed to install some sophisticated software and configure it. The most difficult to get help with was FFMPEG video encoding. I went with TMD based on the software sellers recommendation, but was really disappointed with the support I was receiving on getting the video encoding to work. I think it was a new partnership and the support hadn't been quite smoothed out but when I let the owners of both TMD and the software vendor know about it, I got personal replies from both, their contact information, reassurances that it would be taken care of and more than adequate compensation in discounts and services. I felt they were sincerely trying to help and make things better. As an IT professional, I know there are hiccups with growth in implementation of new technology. It's how the business responds to issues that's important to me. TMD's response was superior to other vendors I've used in the past. I certainly recommend giving them a chance.
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    I have been using TMD Hosting for several years now.
    I have transferred domains to TMD Hosting from other hosting sites for the simple reason TMD Hosting is an awesome company to deal with. I understand some people will provide a knee jerk reaction by posting a bad comment or review because something did not go right with their interactions with someone at TMD Hosting so I will say this...I have had what at the moment I thought was some ridiculous response to a question I asked customer service, but once I stood back and looked at the response it made sense in the end and it was truly just some misunderstandings. If you give it time all things get sorted. We all perceive words or thoughts from others in a way that may not be the way it is being meant to be taken. So if you are dealing with customer service give them a break and don't respond so fast in your comments, reviews or feelings. Give them a chance to make it right and they will. TMD Hosting customer support has gone far beyond what I ever expect from any company! I have been on the phone with them and have asked them to do things that I almost knew they would say no to but they took care of me! They are so fast in their responses it's unbelievable. I asked them to help with some email issues I was having and no joke before I closed out my browser they responded. It was crazy! I will always recommend TMD Hosting for as long as they continue to take care of me. If you have any questions about my interactions with this company please feel free to reach out to me.
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    TMDHosting has had outstanding server uptime for the past 3 years.
    I started using TMDHosting on a Shared Hosting plan before switching to a VPS plan. I have also utilized one of their dedicated server plans. If your monthly expense allows for it, I recommend investing in a dedicated server. Having your own dedicated server resources will greatly improve your website's performance and allow you to enjoy your daily website tasks. TMDHosting support has been top-notch and very fast to respond to inquiries! Whenever I have a question or problem, they get back to me within 10 minutes with a solution. Keep up the great work! Overall, I highly recommend TMDHosting for all of your website hosting needs, be it for Shared, VPS, or Dedicated Server hosting.
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    The absolute best part of TMD Hosting is the support you’ll get.
    I been with them for one year now and have five websites. I am really amazed at the efficiency of their response, and they go one step further and figure out what is wrong and fix it for me. I will give you a recent example, my website was down so I opened a ticket. Very quickly they determined the issue was caused by the "wp-smushit" plugin. Removing it from my WordPress site solved the problem. Most other web hosting companies would consider a plugin that I added as my own issue to resolve, but not TMD Hosting, they found and resolved the issue for me. Not only do they provide excellent web hosting service, but their prices are very competitive.
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    I have had TMD Hosting for over two years.
    During that time, there was only one moment of downtime, which was quickly resolved. They seem to work 24/7, because all of my support tickets are resolved within an hour or less.
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    I've been using their service and so far this is the best hosting platform I ever used.
    Their support is literally on time when you need it. Their Tech team is also good at explaining everything when you ask something, especially for those folks that are not really techie people. Since the platform was really good, I decided to upgrade my plan from them to Business. Overall I can say it was 10/10! I am looking forward to working with them in long term and being with their platform from my journey as a webmaster. Thanks
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    I've had numerous websites that I experimented with over the years...and always have them hosted at TMD.
    Very fast servers so people coming to your website will enjoy the quick response time of your site. Personally I've not had many issues with an installation or database but any time I've contacted their support team I've gotten a response quickly and usually have any issue resolved within the same day. I recommend these guys for any projects you need! They are top in my book.
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    TMDHosting is an awesome hosting provider and all support in its scope of service.
    We are using it for almost a year now, and till today we have a great experience with TMDHosting. We got full support for WordPress, SSL security, and technical operational issues from TMDHosting staff and they resolve the issue quickly. I recommend TMDHosting as they are apt in their work and the staff is also very supportive and skilled. We are looking for a longer association with TMDHosting. Go for it! They are value for
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    "I use TMD Hosting for good" I know TMD Hosting for more that 1 years now and highly recommend the service.
    Support is very very quick, and I have not yet experienced any down time. There cloud hosting service is particulary interesting, as well as there customers portal panel is very modern with good items to managed hosting service system. They have everything good any online marketer need to start his online business.
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    TMD Hosting is a five star website hosting provider, they focus on customer support and have a solid ticketing system, TMD Hosting provides quality products with actual value rather than just marketing.
    Excellent for beginners or new customers looking for affordable website hosting and accessible.
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    I have been dealing with TMD for more than two years, I would like to point out their customer service, as it is the best and there is no equal to it, you may encounter problems, but be sure that any problem will be resolved within a short time
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    TMDHosting hosts my website 2-3 years.
    Comparing to my previous company this company is stable、responsible and reliable. You can depend on it without worrying.
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    It has been a great experience using TMD hosting for my web development projects.
    Great service and the customer service is top-notch.
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    Highly recommended!
    I have been using TMD for a number of years, and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Their customer service is top-notch, response times are really fast, and they have always gone that extra mile to ensure things keep running smoothly. I'm not a web developer, I just run a few sites of my own, so my knowledge in this sphere is limited. TMD's tech support guys understand this and don't speak tech-speak beyond my capabilities.
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    TMDHosting is amazing provider, I started with them nearly three years ago and it has been an amazing experience ever since.
    I couldn't be more pleased by their Support staff - everyone is very professional and kind. If you are planning to start a business and host your website - TMD is definitely the way to go!
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    TMDHosting offers superior service options at lower price points.
    While maintaining what has come to be the best, and most knowledgeable, technical support, hosting, customer service, and sales we have worked with in the industry. We first tried TMDHosting in 2016, after selecting software with special requirements (not supported by our previous hosting) for one of our customer's projects. Based on TMDHosting's quality hosting options, we moved other projects to TMDHosting; replacing our previous hosting by the end of that year. The experience after switching to TMDHosting has been top-level. TMDHosting has continually, and rapidly, improved it's hosting, technical support, sales, and customer service over the 7+ years we've been with them. For the last 4+ of those years, TMDHosting has excelled past the rest of the industry.
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    TMDHosting is a web hosting company that offers a variety of hosting solutions for websites of all sizes.
    I have used TMDHosting for several months, and I must say that I am quite impressed with their services. One of the most notable things about TMDHosting is their excellent customer service. Their support team is available 24/7, and they are always ready to help with any issues you may have. I have contacted them several times, and every time they have been quick to respond and resolve my issues. Another thing that sets TMDHosting apart is their reliability. My website has been up and running smoothly without any downtime, and I have not experienced any performance issues so far. Their servers are fast, and I have not noticed any lag or slow loading times. TMDHosting also offers a variety of hosting plans, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. Their plans are affordable and come with features such as unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificates, and daily backups. Overall, I would highly recommend TMDHosting for anyone looking for a reliable web hosting provider. Their customer service, reliability, and affordable pricing make them a top choice in the web hosting industry.
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