How To Install Themes In Moodle?

Moodle has undisputably the wide range of functionalities of all Learning Management Systems. It also has a frequently updated and easy to manage structure.

However, a more unique look of the website is sometimes needed. Moodle allows you to implement various themes of your choice. Here, we are going to specify the steps you need to perform if you wish to apply a new one.

First you need to access your Moodle administration area:

Next navigate to Site Administration:

Afterward, you need to click on the Appearance section and then go to Theme selector:

Once you reach the page, you will be able to browse through all the available themes for the different outlooks and choose one, according to your taste from the Change theme buttons:

When you choose a theme category, a list of the available themes will appear. You should choose one and simply click on Use theme. It will be implemented right away:

There are limited amount of themes built-in the basic Moodle installation. If you need more variety and wish for something that better suits your needs you can choose one of the many themes available in the official Moodle Plugins repository, available here.

When you find the one for you, simply download it on your computer and then upload it via FTP to the Moodle-root-directory/theme folder of the script. If you don’t know how to perform this transfer, you can get great guidance of how to do it yourself at this link.

Once you have successfully uploaded the chosen theme into the /theme folder of your Moodle application you will be able to see the new theme on the Change theme menu (seen above) and the implementation of it will just be as easy as seen in the instructions – by clicking on Use theme.

If you, however, are experiencing any difficulties at any point of this process – our Genius Support Team is there to help you out 24/7. You only need to submit a ticket and they will assist you with the task you are having an issue with.