How To Install Plugins In Moodle?

With Moodle you will get the best possible performance and features compared to any other Learning Management System on the market today. With extremely regular updates you will get the latest versions and improvements instantly.

While the basic Moodle application will allow you to perform a wide range of tasks and will provide you with great capabilities, you may still want to add something extra to your online educational platform. This is possible through the inclusion of various plugins. In this section we will provide you with some guidance about how you can install such on your Moodle.

First, you need to browse through, find and choose the most suitable plugin for your needs in the official Moodle Plugins repository, accessible through this link. When you have found the one you need – just download it on your computer. Then you are ready to simply sign in into your Moodle administration panel:

The page you land on is your Dashboard and you should next go to the Plugins section:

Afterward, you need to navigate to Install plugins, where you will be able to upload the file you just downloaded on your computer by either clicking on Choose a file button or by just using the easy drag and drop option:

The final step you need to take is to simply click on the Install plugin from the ZIP file button below: