Moodle Introduction

Moodle is an open-source educational platform, built on PHP and serves the function of a Learning Management System (LMS). It is completely free and is distributed under the General Public License (GNU). Moodle will provide you with a very customizable environment. The platform is being used for a wide range of e-learning courses in educational institutions, the private sector, for independent distance education and so on.

It has a big community with many active participants who are glad to help out with an advice. Their sustained effort has a great influence on the application’s upcoming development and expanding of the different features and functionalities. On top of that Moodle is known to be a very user-friendly application as it does not need much technical experience, making it extremely easy to navigate through and use.

All of these qualities of the application consistently show in the rankings for the online learning. In fact, the application has been recognized as the best LMS script for every year since 2011. All these exceptional capabilities give it an outstanding 97% market share of all Learning Management Systems, as you can see on the chart below: