Moodle Introduction

The Moodle application is an open-source educational platform designed to provide students and teachers an easy to use environment for their online classes. The Moodle application is PHP based one and could be hosted on all of our packages (Shared, Cloud, VPS, vDS). The application will provide you with an easy to use interface with features such as:

  • Simple interface
  • Drag n Drop features

Since the Moodle application is an open-source one it could be customized per the needs of every individual user with the installation of Modules and Themes and if necessary.

The Moodle application is the most popular Learning Management System (LMS) due to which it has a big community with many active participants which could be contacted via the Moodle forums for different discussions and issues related to the application. All of those factors are making the Moodle application the best open-source LMS application on the market.