How To Manage Members In Moodle?

Managing the members of your online LMS platform with Moodle is fast and easy. With the new design and simple navigation, which was implemented, finding all the features you need in order to create a new member of your managing team, assigning and defining roles and dealing with all the rest of the needed information is quick to achieve.

To manage the users of your online learning project you first have to sign into your Moodle administration panel:

The page you land on is your Dashboard, you can always get back to it when you click the Dashboard icon:

Your next step should be to go to Site Administration:

Afterward, navigate to the Users section:

Once you reach it, you will see all of the available options of managing your members, including to add new users, define roles and allocate various responsibilities and capabilities to the different roles you assign, as well as get access to the full list of users:

Here, you can find all of these options. For example, you can add new user by filling in the required fields and click Save: