How to track progress in Moodle

How to track progress in Moodle

Hello. In this article we will cover the ways you can track progress in Moodle.

To begin, you would need to be inside your Moodle Dashboard and in the course you plan on tracking the progress of:

The first one we shall look into is the Grades option:

The Grades option allows you to track the progress of your students and their overall performance on the tasks and assignments you put on them for the Course. Teachers can directly input the grades in a Gradebook:

Next, we shall look at Competencies:

Competencies review the level of understanding and general progress of students/learners in specific subjects and areas during the course of their learning. The most known type of education to employ this is Competency-based education(CBE) for short, whereas an individual can be tracked on specific skillsets(Example – AI Learning is a form of competency-based education under the Information Technology/Computer Science umbrella.)

Activity completion:

Activity completion can only be enabled by the System Administrator. It allows for Teachers and Students to review their overall progress in completing activities(such as Assignments, Announcements, Quizzes and Tests):

To view this, you would need to go to the Course administration page by clicking on the Cog button(on your Course) > More… > (Reports section) Activity completion:

Course completion:

This tool allows you to mark the overall completion of a course. Teachers can review this through the Reports section of the Course administration page

(Note: If the Course completion block is added, students can see their progress during the whole course):

Badges: Badges can be automatically or manually awarded to students as a form of motivation or to outline a trait a specific student has achieved during the course. A criteria of achievement can be set, which once completed can motivate the student and allow him to additionally excel.

It can easily be accessed by selecting the Badges button:

We hope this article was able to shed more light on how you can manage and track progress through Moodle. Good luck!