How to create courses in Moodle?

Creating a course in Moodle is pretty straightforward and easy-to-do process. You are not going to need special technical knowledge and you are neither going to be required to use complex tools. Rather than that, a simple amending of certain setting, followed by a smoothly designed one-page space for creating a course according to your specifications, will only be necessary.

To create a course you first have to sign into your Moodle admin panel:

The page you land on is your Dashboard, you can always get back to it’s homepage when you click the Dashboard icon:

Your next step should be to go to Site Administration:

Once you are there, you should go to the Courses section:

Next, you can add new and manage the already existing categories:

Right after that you can choose from a variety of options. If you have prepared a course already, you can upload it from here:

Alternatively, if you have no prepared such yet – you can amend all the settings needed, according to your needs, from these two options:

As soon as you have dealt with all of the settings, creating a course is pretty straight forward. Simply go to Site home:

Once you are there you can turn on the Edit option from the top right part of the page or if you need to create a new course from scratch – just click on Add a new course:

Once you go to Add a new course you will be able to see all the modules and specifications needed in order to create a fresh one. You can amend them according to your needs and then just save the course at the bottom of the page and it will go live on your website: