Manual Joomla Installation

For installing Joomla 1.5 the system requirements are:

— Apache 1.x or 2.x
— PHP 4.3 or above
— MySQL 3.23 or above
— You can use the Apache2Triad package for local tests on your computer.

Please follow the chapters below when you are ready for the installation:

Chapter 1. Create a Mysql database and add a user to it. You can do this easily with cPanel by following this video tutorial: Add MySQL Database. Refer to the MySQL manual on creating databases and adding users to it in case you are not using Cpanel.

Chapter 2. Next, create a folder called upload on your local computer.

Chapter 3. Go to Joomla download page should download the .zip file to the upload folder and extract it there.

Chapter 4. You have to upload all the content from upload to the directory on the server where Joomla 1.5 will be installed. For this purpose, we recommend using FTP and you will be guided through the necessary steps by the FTP tutorial.

Chapter 5. The URL of the newly uploaded Joomla files should be opened. This will be either or a subdirectory such as

Chapter 6. You will be redirected to the Joomla installation page:


You can choose the Language for the installation on the first page. ! The language you have selected is valid only for the process of installation. When you install Joomla, it will be in English. To follow the next steps of the tutorial easier, we recommend selecting “English”.

Chapter 7. Next, a pre-installation check about the system environment is being performed by Joomla. Functional and security problems may be caused later if it fails to meet a requirement or recommendation.

Chapter 8. When you are sure that all requirements are met, click on [Next] from the top right menu.

Chapter 9. Next, you have to accept Joomla’s license and click on [Next] to continue.

Chapter 10. The following page asks about the MySQL details for the new installation of Joomla 1.5. If you have difficulties with providing the necessary information, there are hints and explanations about all fields:


Chapter 11. Next screen shows the FTP configuration. Here you should fill in your FTP login details (the ones you used earlier to upload the Joomla files). It is also recommended to use the autodetect function, so the installer can automatically find your FTP root path:


Chapter 12. The page that appears helps you with completing the final Joomla 1.5 settings specifying your email and the admin password. To save the progress click on [Next].


Now, as an example, we are not using the option Install Sample Data because of the confusion that will be caused and because it will require time to remove all the data populated later.

Chapter 13. You receive a confirmation that Joomla has been successfully installed on the last page of the installation wizard. You must delete the installation directory before being able to access your new Joomla 1.5. Use FTP for this purpose as it is described in Chapter 3.