Joomla Introduction

Joomla is an open source Content Management System(CMS), used for building a variety of websites and applications. As an open source software, it is completely free to download from their website to install it manually and it is also available for a few-click automated installation via the Softaculous Apps Installer in your cPanel account.

The Joomla CMS has always been user-friendly for beginners in website building, but due to its versatility, it is also a very popular choice among more experienced users and developers. Websites built on Joomla range from small personal blogs to multiple government and corporate websites around the world, as well as company, media, school or community oriented websites, intranet portals and applications.

With the default features that come with a freshly installed Joomla instance, it is already entirely sufficient for building a fully functional website. Yet, for those that require additional functionality, Joomla is highly flexible not only due to its open-source code which can be customized by developers, but also due to the abundance of extensions such as templates, modules or other components that are available as free or premium products from multiple vendors online. Most of these extensions are easy to install and do not require advanced technical skills.

Being one of the most popular CMS’s, Joomla can also boast with the advantage of having a large community of experienced users online. Numerous articles, tips, guides, tutorials and discussions can be found across the web, with an extensive list of topics covered, to aid when building your Joomla website or application.