How to install new themes in Magento?

Having a great-looking and unique Magento website has never been easier before. Simply choose the Magento theme that you would like to have on your Magento store and our professional tech support team will install it for free in almost no time. Any Magento theme installation can be requested from the client's area -> Get Support section -> Submit Support Ticket.

We will show you in this tutorial how to add a new theme to your Magento store in a few simple steps.

The first thing is to select the template you would like to have installed. There are lots of free ones available for fast installation via the Magento Connect Manager here. After you have selected the template check this section which is present on all the templates available on the main page of the script:

You should ensure that you have a template selected which will be compatible with the release of the store you are using. As soon as the compatibility is covered, get the extension for the template via the same:

You may keep this browser tab or window open and login to the administrator back-end of the store:

If you have installed Magento under a subfolder of the www root folder for an example “store” you should add this directory name before the index.php.

Here you should navigate to the Magento Connect Manager:

Now open the browser with the theme you have selected, then copy the extension and paste it in the empty field of the System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager:

The Magento extensions should be something similar to:


of course with your template name in it. The next release of the downloader will use different extensions. Now click install and after the process is completed the “Return to Admin” link available at the  top right corner of the page.

After the admin back-end loads completely navigate to the System > Configuration tab and on the left menu panel select Design:

If the template exact name is not provided browse to the System Design Add New Design tab. Here you will see list of the templates available for installation. Note that new design name and navigate back to the above mentioned menu. The new theme name should be filled in all the fields except the translation one. Click “Save Config” and the new design should be loading now for your front-page.

Note that the above instructions are for themes which will not require any customizations of the main configurations of the store. If you are installing a custom or paid template you may check its archive. You may find installation instructions with the steps you should follow if there are any specific steps