Magento Search Engine Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization is a very important aspect when creating any online project. When it comes to an online store it becomes crucial for the further development and prosperity of your business.

The Magento application provides you with an option to use rewrites in order to get better results in SEO. Actually the basics of the URL rewriting is that the application creates a shorter URLs, also called pretty, fancy of search engine-friendly URLs, which provide more relevant-looking links to the web pages.

In order to enable that feature in Magento you should first access your administration dashboard and navigate to Stores > Configuration.

On the new page go to General > Web and open the Search Engine Optimization menu:

Magento Search Engine Optimization

On the Use Web Server Rewrites option set the value to Yes and that is everything you need to do.

Please have in mind that in order to use this feature you should have the mod_rewrite PHP extension enabled for your account.