Manage Promotions in Magento

The first step is to login to the administrator back-end of the store:

If you have installed Magento under a subfolder of the www root folder for an example “store” you should add this directory name before the index.php.

You will most probably have different promotions running on your store. We will show you here how to add coupons or rules for the different discounts you can offer matching certain condition. In order to start setting up the discounts navigate to the Promotions tab on the top panel:

When you review the options available for a new discount the first thing is the type of the discount amount calculation and this is the one you should select first. The next thing is the rule set which should match in order for the discount to be applied. You should test any such discounts first before releasing them for a live store in order to prevent any losses from incorrect calculation or rules set.

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