how to MANAGE promotions in magento?

When running an online business it is good to organize promotion campaigns in order to increase the sales and attract more customers on your store.

In order to manage the promotion options on your Magento platform you should first access its administration area via the admin URL you have set during the installation process.

In Magento you have two available methods to create discounts – Catalog and Cart Price Rules. We will cover each of them later in this article.

To create a Catalog Price Rule you need to navigate to Marketing > Promotions > Catalog Price Rule:

This type of discount us used to put some products on sale based on certain conditions that you will define. There is no need to use coupon codes due to the fact that the discount is applied before the product is placed in the shopping cart of the customers.

To create a new rule you should click on the Add New Rule button on the page you have navigated to:

On the new screen you need to fill in the Rule Information, Conditions and Actions sections. In the first one you need to enter the following information:

Rule Name – the name which you want to assign to the new rule. It will be visible only in the dashboard, so the customers would not see it.
Description – an optional description that will also be visible only to you.
Status – here you need to specify if the rule is active or not. In order to use it you should set this option to Active.
Websites – here you should select the websites for which this discount should be applied. This is important in case that you are using multi-store.
Customer Groups – this allows you to make the rule active only for specific customer group.
From and To dates – this is the place where you need to set a specific time range when this rule will be active.
Priority – this is a number which will be used as a priority related to other rules you have created.

The next section is the Conditions one. Here you have to enter the conditions which need to be met in order to apply the discount to the products:

In our example the rule condition can be interpreted like this:

“If the product is under the Clothes category and its size is XL allow the discount to be used.”

The last section of the Catalog Price Rule setup is the Actions one. Here you should configure the following options:

Apply – the type of discount you want to use. You can choose from four different options:

  • Apply as percentage of original – it applies the amount specified in the next field as a discount percentage.
  • Apply as fixed amount – you can enter an amount of money to be subtracted from the total amount.
  • Adjust final price to this percentage – it adjusts the final price by the discount percentage.
  • Adjust final price to discount value – this option will use the discount amount as product price.

Discount Amount – the exact amount you want to use as discount.
Discard subsequent rules - this option allows you specify if you want additional rules to be applicable to this order. If you want to avoid that you need to set the value to Yes.

Once you have filled in all of the details you should navigate to the top of the page and click on the Save button, located on the right:

Another way to apply discount are the Cart Price Rules. You can access that feature from Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules:

This kind of discount can be applied to products which are already added to your customers’ cart, based on certain conditions. There are two ways to use the discount – automatically (when the products in the cart meet the predefined conditions) or using a coupon code that the customer need to enter.

We will now show you how to add and configure this type of promotion discount.

On the Cart Price Rules page click on the Add New Rule button:

As you would be able to see on the new page there are several entries you need to fill in. They are structured in 4 sections, which we will cover one by one.

The first of them is the Rule Information one. In it you should apply the following details:

Rule Name and Description – these entries are for internal use and only will be able to see them.
Active – here you should specify if the rule is active or not.
Websites – select the websites to which you want to apply that rule (used when managing several websites from the same administration area).
Customer Groups – select the groups of customers for which you want to make the discount available.
Coupon – specify if you want to provide your customers with a coupon code or the discount will be calculated automatically if the products in the cart meet the conditions you set.
Coupon Code – here you can either set a coupon code for this discount or enable the automatic generation of such.
Uses per Coupon and per Customer – in these fields you can enter a limit for the number of uses for each coupon and each customer.
From and To dates – this is the period in which the discount would be available for use.
Priority – this feature is used in order to prioritize all of the Cart Price Rules you have added.

The next section is the Conditions one. As the name reveals here you need to set the conditions that have to be met in order to use discount:

In our example the rule we have set can be interpreted in the following manner:

“If the subtotal amount of the shopping cart is at least $500 the discount can be applied.”

Next comes the Actions section in which you need to specify the discount parameters:

The last section is the Labels one in which you need to enter the text that would identify the discount upon checkout:

Have in mind that if you are managing multiple stores from the same administration area you can set different labels for all of them (for example if you manage different language versions of your website).