When creating an online store it is important to offer your customers the ability to choose from different variations of the products, so they can find the one that best fits their needs.

In order to make this possible the Magento developers have implemented the Attributes option to the core functionalities of the application. This would also allow the clients to sort and review items on your shop based on their attributes.

To help you understand the basic idea behind them and guide you through the process of creating such we will shed some light on this matter in this section of our tutorial.

First you need to go to your store’s administration area using the administrative URL you have set during the installation. In our case the URL looks like the following one:

Once you are logged in you should navigate to Stores > Attributes > Product:

You will be redirected to a page, containing all the currently created attributes. To add a new one you just need to click on the Add New Attribute button:

Then you will be required to fill in the name of the attribute, the appearance and its values. Once you are ready, simply click Save Attribute:

To edit a particular attribue you can go back to the Product Attributes page and click on the item in question. You will be displayed with the same menu, which we have covered above.

In order to make it even easier to add attributes to your products the Magento developers have implemented a feature that allows you to create Attribute Sets. We will now show you how you can do that and what is the goal.

This feature would be very handy if you are selling different types of items on your store. Since the different products have different features you can benefit from this. For example if you are selling clothes they can be compared by size, color, material. However if you sell laptops their main specifications are the CPU, RAM size, display size and so on.

Here you can rely on the attribute sets, creating individual ones for each category of your store. In our example we will create such, appropriate for a laptop variations.

First you need to navigate to Stores > Attributes > Attribute Set:

On the new page you will be able to see tha currently created Attribute sets. To create a new one click on the Add Attribute Set button:

Now you should enter the name of the Attribute Set and click Save:

Now you will have the opportunity to add the attributes, appropriate for the category in question (in our case Laptop). To do so click on the Add New button:

In our example we have added the Tech Specs group, in which we will add the attributes. You can see the ones that are not currently assigned on the right side of the page. To assign them to your attribute set you just need to drag and drop them in the appropriate attribute group:

Here is an example of how the result should look like:

Once you are ready, click on the Save button and your new attribute set will be ready to assign it to a product.