Magento main features

During the years of development Magento has become a leader in the ecommerce field and this is not a coincidence. It provides various functionalities that make it a preferred solution when you want to build an online store.

In this section of our tutorial we will highlight the main functionalities that the Magento Community Edition application provides and help you understand why the script is so popular and widely used.

Here are the main features you will be provided with:

Analytics and Reporting – using the Magento platform you can easily obtain detailed information concerning the available quantity of your products you have in stock, the sales, purchases and taxes. In this way you can plan the income you will receive and also the expenses you need to have in mind. Additionally the platform allows easy integration with analytic software such as Google Analytics which will give you information about the visitors of your website.

Product Options – the script gives you the opportunity to enable different features for your customers, from which they can choose. Such features are the product image galleries, reviews, selectable product options, group products and so on.

Promotions – when you are managing an online store you will most probably need to run a promotion campaigns. To do that easier Magento allows you to create promotions, coupons and other discount that can be applied to specific product, the whole cart or a group of products on checkout.

Catalog Management – it is simple and configurable, so you can modify the appearance of your website in such way that it is unique and provides a better user experience. You can also define different prices for different customer groups, create unlimited number of product attributes and many other outstanding features that will make your everyday work easier.

Catalog Browsing – The store gives your customers an easy for navigation menus so they can quickly find what they are looking for. The platform has a filtering and comparison system built-in. Additionally, when searching for a product with specific parameters you can also filter by price and name.

Customer service – the application allows you to create different contact forms, manage the placed order from the administration panel. You can easily review the order history and track one, manage emails sent when order or account have has been updated and create transactional emails.

Customer Accounts – your customers will have all the tools they might need in order to feel comfortable when browsing your store. They would be provided with an intuitive dashboard, address books, wish list and order history and many others.

Payment – Magento is integrated with a variety of major payment gateways out of the box, as well as alternative payment methods from PayPal, Amazon and Google. Customers can also pay via check. Additionally, more payment methods, available at Magento Connect can be implemented.

Shipping – the application allows you to easily manage the shipping rates and carriers. Free shipping discounts can be created for order amounts, or as part of specific marketing promotions which is something that definitely will increase sales.

Checkout – you have the ability to use the superb and intuitive one-page guest checkout combining it with a great variety of payment gateways.

SEO – Magento is a 100% search engine friendly application which allows you to easily create a Google Site Map, manage the SEO friendly URL and add meta description to all of your products, categories and pages.

Multi language support – the script has a great amount of translations ready to be used at a specific time that you need them. If the language in question is not available you can simply check the Magento Connect marketplace and download the extension and implement it on your website.

Site Management – with this powerful application you can easily manage your websites content and functionalities via the intuitive administration area with comfortable interface. You are also able to manage multiple stores from the same administration panel, as well as administrating an international versions of your platform.

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