How to create a backup of your Magento store?

Keeping a copy of the files and database associated with your store is always a good idea due to the fact that something unexpected can cause it to malfunction or even worse – some of the files might be mistakenly deleted. You can rest assured that on all of our shared hosting packages a weekly […]

How to install Magento manually?

As you already know you can install Magento using the Softaculous Auto Installer which is available on all of our Shared Hosting packages but you should also have in mind that in some cases you might need to install the application manually. In this section of the tutorial we will show you how to perform […]

How to integrate Google Analytics in Magento?

When you are running an online business, especially a store, it is a good idea to constantly monitor the activity of your website. The Google Analytics platform gives you the opportunity to review different kinds of information about your store, such as the visitors, the pages which are most commonly visited, the browsers, geo-locations and […]

How to configure Magento to use SSL?

When you develop an online store there are several factors that have great impact on the profit that you can make from it. Such factors are the design of the website, the products you would sell and the prices you will set. But another key element of great importance is the security you will offer […]

How to disable modules in Magento?

In this section of our Magento tutorials we will cover the topic of disabling Modules in your installation. During your daily use of the Magento application, you may find yourself testing different Modules and their functionalities. It is possible that some of the modules will not meet your expectations and you might want to disable […]

How to manage Shipping methods in Magento?

In this section of our Magento Tutorials we will provide you with more information on how to Manage the different Shipping Methods of your Magento web shop. We understand that when creating a new Magento Store, you wish to take care of every little detail and aspect of your Web Store, including giving your Clients […]

How to manage payment methods in Magento?

In this section of our Magento Tutorials we will introduce you into how to manage your Magento Payment Methods and the main differences between the most commonly used methods. It is very important for you to provide your Web Shop’s Clients different ways they can proceed with the payments on the Product that they are […]

How to install themes in Magento?

In this section of our Magento Tutorials we will provide you with more information on the different appearance customization options available for your Magento Application. Even if the Magento Developers created a nice looking default Theme, that can easily be adjusted to your personal preference, you might have found another Theme that looks better for […]

Basic functions in the Magento administration panel

  As we have mentioned in the previous section of our Magento tutorial the application provides you with a huge variety of functionalities that you can use to manage the content and appearance of your website. That is why in this article we will cover some of the most important and basic functions of the […]

Magento main features

During the years of development Magento has become a leader in the ecommerce field and this is not a coincidence. It provides various functionalities that make it a preferred solution when you want to build an online store. In this section of our tutorial we will highlight the main functionalities that the Magento Community Edition […]