How to setup new pages in Prestashop

The following tutorial will explain how to add new pages to your Prestashop instance.

To begin, access your Prestashop admin area and go to Preferences -> CMS menu:

Click Add new CMS page as shown in the screenshot below:

  • CMS Category -set the category to your CMS page. The default category is the home-page of your shop;
  • Meta title – the name of the page displayed in the browser;
  • Meta description – used to describe the content of this page for search engines;
  • Meta Keywords – used by search engines to understand what kind of information the page has;
  • Friendly URL – this field is automatically filled as you enter the category name, but you can still edit it manually;
  • Page content -the main content of your page;
  • Indexation by search engine – indicates whether search engines should register this page or not;
  • Displayed – you can make your page public only once you are done proofreading it, and keep it as a draft for the moment. A draft is invisible to the public.

Click the Save button to confirm the action.

Activate your new CMS page and click the Save button:

Refresh your website to see the changes.