Getting started with PrestaShop 1.7

Creating a successful and good-looking online store might be a time consuming process which requires a lot of knowledge and experience and we know that it could be difficult at the start. That is why we will try to show you the basic things you need to care about so you can focus on the […]

How to reset PrestaShop admin password

The following tutorial will provide two possible methods for resetting the password for your Prestashop admin dashboard. To do so – you will need either: An existing e-mail added to the Prestashop website upon its initial installation Access to your cPanel Resetting your password trough Prestashop Access the administration area of your Prestashop website and […]

How to setup currensies in PrestaShop

In this tutorial you will learn how to manage the currencies in your Prestashop website. In your admin area go to – International – Localization: 2. Select the “Currencies” tab. Once you do so you will need to click on “Add new currency” button, as provided in the screenshot below: 3. You need to set […]

How to change PrestaShop domain name

The following tutorial will explain how to change the primary domain for your Prestashop instance. This could come in handy should decide to rebrand your online shop. To do so you will need to refer to one of the two bullet points: Access to your Prestashop admin area or Access to your cPanel Changing the […]

PrestaShop SMTP settings

Prestashop itself comes with a fully operational system which allows the configuration of SMTP through its backend. In order to access the page in question, access your admin area and navigate to Advanced Parameters -> E-mail Оnce you access the above-mentioned you will be presented with all the mailing options which we will review down […]

How to speedup PrestaShop

There are multiple ways through which you may speed up the performance and speed of your Prestashop website. While it may seem like a complicated process, it is basically straightforward to achieve. The following tutorial will explain on how to achieve this. First off, you will need to be aware of the two commonly known […]

How to backup PrestaShop website

In the following tutorial you will learn how to create a full Prestashop website backup. Such may come in hand if you are unsure about installing a new theme or simply experimenting with the website in general. To do so, first, you will need to access your cPanel. When done so, refer to the tool […]

How to import products in Prestashop

The following tutorial will explain how to import products into your existing Prestashop website. To start importing products into your website., first, you will need to login into the Prestashop Admin area and navigate to Advanced Parameters -> Import.       Choose the production option from the list of What do you want to import? […]

How to setup new pages in Prestashop

The following tutorial will explain how to add new pages to your Prestashop instance. To begin, access your Prestashop admin area and go to Preferences -> CMS menu: Click Add new CMS page as shown in the screenshot below: CMS Category -set the category to your CMS page. The default category is the home-page of your […]

How to enable SSL in PrestaShop 1.7?

SSL is a security technology that provides encrypted link between the server and the browser of the customer. This secured connection ensures that all the data transmitted between the server and the browser remains private. It is used in lots of cases especially when online payments are made to protect the sensitive personal data like […]