How to install a Dolphin template?

The number of visitors and members of a social community website is the most important factor for its maintenance. To attract more people to your network you should ensure the functional and good-looking platform for them. One of the things you should consider when building such website is the hosting environment you would use. All of our Dolphin hosting solutions provide a lot of system resources which should be enough for beginning such project. However have in mind that at some point – when the customers become more and more you might need to upgrade to a higher plan.

Another factor of great importance is the appearance of the website. To enhance it and make it more intuitive and comfortable you should choose the best template which covers your needs.

Luckily the Dolphin application has gained a lot of popularity and that is why there are various templates developed for it – both free and paid ones. You can look for the one that suits you at the official Boonex Market.

In this section of our tutorial we will show you how to install new template on your Dolphin application.

The first step is to find and download the appropriate template on your computer and extract the archive containing it.

Usually there is a readme file with installation instructions, but here in our case we will cover the unified steps that you need to perform in order to install the template.

Once you have downloaded the template you need to upload the folder to the server where your application resides. The exact directory in which you need to deploy the template folder is the following one:


You can upload the files either using the File Manager in cPanel or your favorite FTP client.

The next step is to access the administration area of your Dolphin application and navigate to Settings > Templates:

How to install a dolphin template?

The template you have deployed should be displayed under the Templates section. In our case this is the Social Media one:

How to install a dolphin template?

As you can see there is a Make Default button that you need to click in order to enable the new theme.

Here is a screenshot of the website with the old template:

How to install a dolphin template?

and the new one enabled:

How to install a dolphin template?