Getting started with the Dolphin administration area

The Dolphin Admin Panel is pretty user-friendly and intuitive and once you browse it couple of times you should get used to it. However we will go the extra mile to cover the basic features that the administrative area of the script provides so you can start building your website right away.

When you access it for the first time you might be surprised with a message that requires you to buy a license for the application. There is nothing wrong with the application and it is not mandatory to purchase such – you can simply click on the continue trial link:

This is one of the drawbacks of using the free version of the application. In some pages of the dashboard you will be displayed with this message and you would need to click the button mention above every time to proceed with your work. However if you are using the licensed version of the script you would be displayed with the message only the first time you access the backend and once you apply your license code you should not see it any more.

We will now explain the purpose of all sections available in the administrative dashboard of the Dolphin application. For your convenience we have placed number for each of them: