How to choose the most appropriate commercial dolphin license?

As we have mentioned in the previous sections of our Dolphin tutorial there are different plans available. You can review all of them at the official Boonex website.

To help you choose the most suitable for your needs we will explain the difference between all of the packages.

Free Dolphin:

This package is an appropriate solution for a startup project. Most of the users prefer to pay for some software once they make sure that it is the one that best suits their needs and once the website has gained enough followers. That is why we advise you to start with the free version of the script that will allow you to test it and make sure that you want to upgrade to the fully unencrypted one.

The pros of this solution are:

no preliminary expenses
opportunity to test the application
no loss in case that you give up of the project

Its cons are the following:

“Powered by Dolphin” sticker at the bottom of your website pages
“Get a license” popup inside the dashboard|

Dolphin Monthly License:

This plan is suitable for intermediate projects. In other words you can choose it in case that your community has been growing for some time and you are currently in a stagnation period.

The pluses you get:

no “Powered by Dolphin” stickers on your website
mobile apps support

The inconveniences:

monthly fee for the application
potential loss in case that you discontinue maintaining the website

Dolphin Permanent License:

This solution is used mainly by social network developer whose website has already grown and gained popularity among great amount of people.

You can benefit from:

one-time payment
mobile apps license
lifetime possession of the script without any fees

The main drawback is the fact that in case that you cease the website maintenance you will lose the amount of money you have paid for the application.

It is important to know that you can always upgrade your application to a higher plan without losing any of the data, so it is advisable to start with the free or monthly licenses and upgrade at the most appropriate time.