How to install modules in dolphin?

Even that Dolphin provides a variety of functionalities you will probably need to add a specific ones to your platform. In such cases you can use the modules developed for the script that can enhance the performance or allow you to make modification to the options the members have or the appearance of the website. […]

How to install a Dolphin template?

The number of visitors and members of a social community website is the most important factor for its maintenance. To attract more people to your network you should ensure the functional and good-looking platform for them. One of the things you should consider when building such website is the hosting environment you would use. All […]

How to deny the access to my website for specific groups?

One of the main aims when creating a social community website is to gain more and more visitors and members. However at a certain time you might need to restrict the access for specific groups of people or whole countries and regions. This might prove to be very handy in case that you want to […]

How to change the logo of my Social Network?

Everyone who wants to create a successful community website should have in mind that in order to achieve that it has to be unique, considering both the content and the appearance. One of the first things that can attract the attention of the members is the logo of the network and that is why you […]

How to install Dolphin automatically?

Here we will show you how to install the Dolphin application using the Softaculous auto installer. It is available in all of our Dolphin hosting packages. These are the hosting requirements of the script which you should consider before installing it: Linux/Windows OS Apache 1.3 or higher/LiteSpeed web server PHP 5.3.0 or higher PHP 5.4.0 […]

How to install Dolphin Manually?

To perform a manual installation of the Dolphin script you should first download the latest version from the official Dolphin website. Please note that in order to download the application you will need to create an account on their website. Once you download the file extract it on your local computer. The extracted files […]

Dolphin 7.3.3 Introduction

Dolphin is a social networking application which is written in PHP and uses MySQL. It is widely used worldwide for creating dating platforms and any other community based websites. The application was first released by another vendor using the aeDating brand. However it was acquired by Boonex in 2005 and then transformed into a social […]

How to change the appearance of the Dolphin Front Page?

The Dolphin application gives you the ability to change the arrangement and appearance of the pages of your website. You can add or remove entries from the menus, create additional ones and change the order of the submenus easily. In order to do that you should access the application administration area and navigate to Builders. […]

How to choose the most appropriate commercial dolphin license?

As we have mentioned in the previous sections of our Dolphin tutorial there are different plans available. You can review all of them at the official Boonex website. To help you choose the most suitable for your needs we will explain the difference between all of the packages. Free Dolphin: This package is an appropriate […]

What is RMS and how to enable it for my dolphin application?

RMS stands for Ray Media Server and it is a feature that provides your application the ability to stream media using some of its modules – for example video chat, instant messaging, video, and audio players, photo modules and video commenting. Using one of our Dolphin hosting plans you are provided with free RMS support. […]