How to transfer CMS Made Simple from another server?

If you have chosen to use one of TMDHosting’s packages but your CMS Made Simple

platform is currently hosted on another server, we can definitely help you out with this process. Our Genius Support Тeam, would assist you with this process at any time. If you wish to do that on your own, here are some tips of how you can proceed with doing so.

First of all, you would have to copy all of your website’s files via FTP. You can find detailed instructions of how you can do that here.

Afterward, you need to export your website’s database through your cPanel, using the phpMyAdmin option, as described in this article.

Once this is done you should upload the application files on the server where you want to move your website, again using an FTP client and create an empty MySQL database. You can find more information on how to do that here.

Once this is done, import the “.sql” file you have exported before.

Then, the final step towards the transfer process is to update your “config.php” file with the new database credentials, editing the following lines:

$config[‘db_hostname’] = ‘localhost’;

$config[‘db_username’] = ‘Database Username’;

$config[‘db_password’] = ‘password’;

$config[‘db_name’] = ‘Database Name’;

Be aware that you need to replace ”Database Username”, ”password” and ”Database Name” with the details of the database, you have created earlier.

The only thing left to do then is to clear the cache of your application and the process would be successfully completed.

Do not forget that if you are experiencing any issues with the process, our Technical Support Team can assist you with the procedure at any time – 24/7/365.