CMS Made Simple Introduction

CMS Made Simple is an open source system built on PHP and using MySQL database. It is free and is one of the scripts, such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla!, which you can use as a content management platform. It has a long history of more that 10 years, as it was founded in July 2004 by a team of developers with Ted Kulp as the Project Leader. CMS Made Simple has regular stable releases. All this adds up to a solid background, complimented by the fact that the software prides itself on winning the Packt Publishing annual award in 2010.

CMS Made Simple allow the website developers to build a number of smaller scale semi-static websites. There are some differences worth mentioning, when comparing the various other similar platforms. Some of the more popular ones, stated above, specialize in making blogs, portals and article based content in general. Whereas, the most common usage of CMS Made Simple is as a tool for corporate and organizations’ websites and this is the primary area where this particular content management system is laser-focused on and shines best. This is the reason why the script is used by fewer total number of websites than its competitors, but it is also why it has sustained its niche presence.

An apparent and definite benefit of using CMS Made Simple is the ease of navigation and the way you can re-organize the pages you need at any given point. It is worth to mention also the fact that the layout code and the content code are separated. This has the effect of making the editors be able to manage the content of the page without the need of an in-depth technical knowledge.

CMS Made Simple is a software, primarily directed towards the web developers, who want to streamline and simplify the creation of a corporate or organizations’ websites and are looking at a tool which is both easy to use an expandable.