How to change themes in CMS Made Simple?

Sometimes, the need or necessity for changing the appearance of your CMS Made Simple website arises. In the previous part of the tutorial, we have discussed in detail how you can install a new theme, but here, we will cover the steps towards changing the different already installed themes. This procedure is actually extremely easy and requires […]

CMS Made Simple Introduction

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CMS Made Simple is an open source system built on PHP and using MySQL database. It is free and is one of the scripts, such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla!, which you can use as a content management platform. It has a long history of more that 10 years, as it was founded in July […]

How to install CMS Made Simple automatically?

CMS Made Simple is an appropriate script for content management. It has long history and after the latest major upgrade in 2015 it has enhanced the functionalities it offers greatly. In the beginning of our tutorial, we are going to cover the ways to install this software. Here, we are going to describe the steps […]

How to install CMS made simple manually?

As discussed in detail in the Introduction part of this tutorial, CMS Made Simple is a fine niche system for corporate and organization’s website with very specific focus and continuous development of its features. In the previous part of the tutorial we have covered the automatic installation of the script and in this one we will […]

Getting Started with CMS Made Simple

In the Introduction part of the current tutorial we discussed in-depth what the benefits of using CMS Made Simple are. In this part of our step-by-step guide, we are going to help you get started with introducing you to the seven main menus, which you are going to work with when using this script as your content […]

How to configure CMS Made Simple email settings?

There are multiple functions that are available with the CMS Made Simple software. One of them is the usage of emails. Have in mind that when you initially install the script, your platform will be automatically configured to use the phpmail function when sending emails. If you instead want to use SMTP as a more reliable method, you […]

How to add new pages in CMS Made Simple?

In this section of the tutorial we are going to cover one of the important aspects, regarding the features of your CMS Made Simple, namely the topic of how to add new pages in it. It is an easy process and pretty straightforward one as well. You will first need to login into the Administration Area of […]

How to create global content block in CMS Made Simple?

Global Content Blocks are chunks of simple content you can place in your templates in CMS Made Simple. Such blocks that contain information is the footer of the website. In this part of our tutorial we are about to show you how to create one yourself. The first step would be to login into your Administration Area. […]

How to manage users and groups in CMS Made Simple?

With CMS Made Simple you will get a variety of functionalities. Because the script’s developers have chosen to focus heavily on certain aspects in order for their product to be world-class in a single niche market, you will find that this software is perfect for building websites for small and medium sized corporations and organizations. One […]

How to install new themes in CMS Made Simple?

We have outlined all the advantages of CMS Made Simple in the Introduction part of this tutorial. Apart from that, you also might be interested in changing the outlook of the website, built with it, as well. You can easily do that by installing a new theme on the script and activating it. Here, we are […]