Introduction to Wordpress

In our WordPress tutorials we will provide you with detailed information and instructions how you can use WordPress to build your own website with ease. We will cover different topics like WordPress installation, plugin and theme management and content creation. Also, you will learn how to extend the functionality of your WordPress website and provide your visitors with feature-rich experience.

WordPress is one of the most widely used open source content management systems, currently powering more than 27% of the websites in the Internet. During the years of development the application has evolved from a blog platform to feature-rich CMS, allowing you to build any type of website.


With its intuitive interface, ease of use and the great number of free and paid themes and plugins, WordPress is the preferred choice to build a professional website. All WordPress features are fully supported on all our WordPress hosting plans, so you can get started in no time and create your next successful online project.


WordPress is a lot more than a blog platform. Thanks to the great community of contributors and the constant development, WordPress has become a content management system that provides you with tons of features to build and manage your website.

You can use the application to build any type of website: from small personal blog or business website to fully featured eCommerce online store or gallery/portfolio website, the possibilities are endless. WordPress is the ideal solution to build your online presence, whether you are newcomer or you already have some technical experience. As you have a great number of plugins to extend the functionality of your website, with no coding required you can create a professional website in just a few easy steps.


WordPress combines an intuitive interface, ease of content creation and secure and solid core to provide a stable and feature-rich work environment. Created with flexibility in mind, WordPress allows you to easily extend its basic functionality by adding different new features, without losing the complete control you have.



Publish with ease: With WordPress, the content creation has never been easier. You can create different posts and pages, group them into categories and format your content the way you want. Also, you are able to add different media such as music and videos and provide your visitors with real experience.

WordPress is flexible: You want to build a news website? No problem, simply choose an appropriate WordPress news theme and start publishing your content. What about an eCommerce store? With WooCommerce, the most popular free WordPress eCommerce solution you are just a step away from selling your products online. WordPress allows you to build any type of website, extend its functionality and provide a feature-rich experience for your visitors.

SEO ready: WordPress is search engine optimized straight out of the box. All you have to do is configure the way you want your content to be shown. Also, there are tons of great SEO plugins to provide you with even more control over your website SEO settings.

Multilingual: WordPress is already translated to more than 70 languages, so it is really easy to create your website in different language. If you want to use WordPress in a language other than English or create a multilingual WordPress website, that’s easy to do.

Free and easy upgrades: You can easily upgrade all your WordPress themes and plugins and even the WordPress core with just a single click. The application will automatically upgrade all necessary files, so you won’t need any complex upgrade steps in order to use the latest available version.

WordPress development: For developers WordPress offers stable and easy to use environment, so you can extend your WordPress website the way you want. The application has powerful theme and plugin system, so you can create complex add-ons and manage them with ease.

WordPress will provide you with all features you need to build a powerful website. The content creation and management is really easy and you can get started in no time. With all cool features included by default and the option to extend them even more, WordPress is one of the easiest and user friendly applications that you can use to build your website and create engaging content for your visitors.