How to create a full backup of your WordPress website?

Using one of our WordPress  hosting packages you can easily create a full backup of your website simply by creating a copy of the application files and the database associated with it.

Let’s first explain how to create a copy of your website files:

1) Access your account using an FTP client of your choice
2) Navigate to the root folder of your WordPress application
3) Download the files on your local computer

You can find more information on how to download files using an FTP client in this article.

Next you need to export a copy of your database. If you are not sure which is the database associated with your WordPress website you need to access your account via FTP and navigate to the root folder of your application and open the wp-config.php file. You can find the database name on the following line:

Database Info

In our case the database name is username_wp1.

To export the database you need to go to cPanel > Databases section > phpMyAdmin. For more detailed information on exporting a database via phpMyAdmin refer to this article.