How to install plugins on WordPress?

To add functionality to your WordPress website you can install different plugins. They extend its capabilities and allow you to perform different actions along with the built in ones.

The installation of plugins is actually a straight-forward process, very similar to the themes installation.

First you need to go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New:

On the page where you will be redirected to you have two options – to install a plugin from the official WordPress repository or upload a plugin you have already downloaded on your computer.

If you want to install a plugin form the repository you need to find it using the search field and click on the Install Now button over it:

Once the plugin is installed you need to Activate it:

In case that you have purchased and already downloaded a plugin you need to click on the Upload Plugin button on the Add Plugins page:

Next you should select the zip file containing the plugin from your local computer and click Install Now:

Once the plugin is installed you should activate it:

Plugins can be downloaded for free from the official WordPress repository available  here.

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