In some cases you will need to install Drupal manually instead of using an auto installer.

In this section of the tutorial we will show you how to achieve this so you can start building your new project on your hosting account with us right away.

The first step you should perform is to download the latest stable version of the application from the official Drupal website.

Once you have downloaded the archive containing the application you should access the server where you hosting account resides and locate or create the folder in which you want to place your new website.

Next you should extract the application zip file on your local computer and upload the files and folders to the root folder of the script mentioned above. You can find more information on how to do that here.

Since the application requires also a database for its functioning you should now create such on the server. You can do that following the instructions in this article.

As soon as the files are uploaded in the appropriate folder and the database is created successfully you can proceed with the actual installation. You need to enter the exact URL to the root folder of the application in your browser. If the script is placed in the public_html folder the URL will be www.yourdomain.com and if you have placed it in a subfolder you should access www.yourdomain.com/subfolder.

Accessing this link will lead you to the installation wizard.

On the initial screen you will be required to select the language for your website: