SMF Create a backup

When you administrate a website it is very important to guarantee that the content is safe and sound no matter of the circumstances. This is even more important when it comes to data submitted from the members of your discussion board.

In order to ensure nothing would be lost or mistakenly deleted you should always keep a local copy of your SMF board, so if anything unexpected happen.

In this section of our tutorial we will show you how to create backup of your platform.

Actually this is a straightforward process which can be performed in two simple steps.

The first one is to create a copy of the application files and download them on your local computer. In case that you are not sure how to do that yourself you can check this article.

The other step is to generate a MySQL dump file of your database. This actually is a copy of the database associated with your website. To create such dump file you can follow the instructions we have provided here.