SMF Introduction

Simple Machines Forum, also known as SMF is a free open-source discussion board system, written in PHP. It gives you the opportunity to create your own forum and manage it with ease. The application was first released in 2001 by the sixteen-year-old Zef Hemel and it was called YaBB (Yet Another Bulletin Board). Later, in 2003 the […]

How to install SMF automatically?

As you should already know from the Introduction section of our tutorial the SMF application is an appropriate solution for all kinds of discussion boards no matter if you are an experienced user or a novice. In this article, we will show you how to install the script so you can focus on the development of your […]

SMF Manual Installation

As you should already know the SMF application ca be installed with a few clicks using the Softaculous Apps installer, available on all of our shared hosting packages. However in some cases you might not have access to this auto installer and you would be required to install the script manually. That is why in […]

SMF User Management

Having in mind that SMF is a discussion board software its main purpose is to connect people with common interests in one place. It should give them the opportunity to communicate freely, discuss different topics and solve problems. In order to make this possible you should give these people the ability to create their own […]

SMF Moderation

When you create an online forum it is of great importance that you manage it in a proper way. A key factor of keeping it a comfortable place for sharing ideas and discussing them is to keep on track the users, their posts, the topics which are created and the users behavour as a whole. […]

SMF Administration

The moderators of an internet forum are provided with sufficient amount of permissions and privileges due to the fact that they need to manage all the content published on the discussion board. However the administrator of the platform has a lot more responsibilities and this is the reason why the SMF developers have implemented a […]

SMF Add modules and packages

Even though the SMF application provides a huge variety of functionalities for your discussion board you might get to a point when you need a specific feature to be implemented on it. Luckily the script developers have gone the extra mile to give you the opportunity to do so. In this section of our SMF […]

SMF Themes and styles

Depending on the type of forum you want to develop and the matter that would be discussed you might want to modify the appearance of your board. That is why in this part of our SMF tutorial we will show you how to install new theme on the platform. Before you proceed with the installation […]

SMF Language packs

In this section of our Simple Machines Forum tutorial we will show you how to install extra languages to your platform. This can be very important in such cases in which the members of your discussion board are located in different countries and the topics are commented in several languages. The first step you need […]

SMF Create a backup

When you administrate a website it is very important to guarantee that the content is safe and sound no matter of the circumstances. This is even more important when it comes to data submitted from the members of your discussion board. In order to ensure nothing would be lost or mistakenly deleted you should always […]