How to install OpenCart?

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OpenCart is a PHP/SQL application and as such you will need to download the installation files from the official OpenCart website and populate the database which will be used by your online store. In this tutorial we will provide you with step by step instructions on how to complete the installation process of OpenCart on your hosting account. 
You can start by downloading the installation archive from here. It is highly recommended to use the stable version of the application for creating a website rather than Alpha/Beta releases as the latter sometimes have technical issues and are considered unstable. When you have the archive files downloaded you can extract them on your local computer.

The OpenCart files should now be located under a newly created folder on your computer called “upload” (without the quotes). There are also a few additional text files in that folder that you will notice – they provide basic information about the application.

The next step is to upload the installation files under your hosting account. You can upload the content of the OpenCart folder from your computer to your public_html directory using your favorite FTP client by following the instructions in the following ftp video tutorial.

This will allow you to access your store via:

If you would prefer to access the store via:

the installation files should be uploaded under the public_html/store folder.

As soon as the files are uploaded under your account, you should proceed with your MySQL database creation process. You can easily create a MySQL database for your blog network.

When all steps are completed on your end you may access the folder where your OpenCart has been uploaded via your browser using

The above URL will load the initial OpenCart installation screen:

This page will provide you with the license agreement for the script that you could additionally review for further information about the application. As soon as you have reviewed the license click “I agree to the license” and Continue

The next page will show you the basic requirements for the script to run. If there are any errors or warning messages you may need to check with your hosting provider the reason for these. If you have account with TMDHosting you may contact our Technical Support Team by posting a ticket via your Clients Area and you will have the details you need within minutes.

After all the checks are performed successfully you may scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Continue.

On this step here you will have to fill in the database access details you have created following the instructions at the beginning of this tutorial:

You should ensure that you have used a valid e-mail address for your administrator account. This e-mail will be used for various notifications and also for the account password reset function. After all is filled in correctly click Continue and the installation should be almost completed:

Now using your FTP client delete the “install” directory from the folder under which you have uploaded the shopping cart. As soon as this is done you may use the URLs provided in the final installation screen to access the front and the back-end of the store.