How To Install OpenCart Automatically?

In this article we will show you how to install the OpenCart script using the Softaculous auto installer. It is included in all of our OpenCart Hosting plans.

Below are listed the application’s hosting requirements which you need to consider before you install it:

– Apache web server

– PHP 5.3 or above

– MySQL support



– GD PHP library

– Mbstring

The above mentioned requirements are met in all of our hosting packages but you should have in mind that once the visitors and products on your online store grow in number you might need to upgrade to a plan providing more resources.

We will now proceed with the actual installation.

As a start you need to go to your cPanel which is available at Once you are there navigate to the Softaculous icon available under the “Software” section:

You will be redirected to the Softaculous main page. Type OpenCart in the search field and click on the result:

This will lead you to the application’s overview page. Now you need to click either on the Install tab or on the Install Now button:

On this step you should choose the application version, the protocol, the exact domain name and the root directory under which you want to install it:

It is advisable to use the latest version of the script due to security reasons. Once the script is updated the latest version is added to the auto installer so you can use it.

Choose the domain name under which you would like to install OpenCart and the folder you would like to operate in. The simplest way to make that decision is to ask yourself whether you would like to have the website at or at

If you want to install it directly under your domain name leave the directory field blank. Otherwise if you would like to put it under something like /ocart or /store or /opencart, then fill it respectively in the directory field (omitting the / sign).

In our example below, we are installing OpenCart in a folder named “OC”, under the domain, so it will be available at when finally installed.

Further on you will need to apply the following details for your PrestaShop application:

– Store Name – The name of your website

– Store Description – brief description of your website

– Store Owner – here you can apply your name or company name

– Store Address – the address of your business

– Admin Username – the username of the admin user

– Admin Password – the administrative password for your website

– Admin Email – the email address you want to use for your administrative account

– First Name – Your first name

– Last Name – Your last name

As soon as you are ready filling these details, please revise the whole page, making sure that you have filled the correct details and write the most important down. Once you do so, you are ready to proceed.

Now fill in the email account on which you would like to receive the installation details and click on the Install button:

Wait for a couple of seconds while the installation is in progress. Once it is completed you will be prompted with the frontend and administrative URLs:

It is that simple! Now you are ready to proceed with the configuration of your new OpenCart store! Click on the Administrative URL and you will see the login screen: