How To Install Modules In OpenCart?

Sometimes even that the OpenCart application offers various functionalities you might need to add specific features. This can be easily achieved by installing a module with specific purpose. You can download both free and paid ones from the official marketplace available here.

In this tutorial we will show you how you can do that in the latest OpenCart version which currently is

First you need to search for the desired module and download it. Please have in mind that it is important to make sure that the module is suitable for the exact version of the application that you are using. If you try to install a module designed for different version it would be incompatible and might not function properly or even damage your website.

Once the module archive is downloaded on your local computer you should extract in an easy accessible folder. Under the archive there should be an upload folder which contains the files that have to be uploaded to your OpenCart application via FTP. Please note that the files need to be uploaded to specific directories. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the exact names due to the fact that there are differences for each module. The files can be uploaded either using the File Manager in cPanel or your favorite FTP client such as FileZilla.

In our case we need to upload the files to OpenCart-root-folder/admin and OpenCart-root-folder/catalog.

Once the module is uploaded to the OpenCart application directory you need to access the administration area of your store. It is available at

Next go to Extensions > Extensions > Modules. Find the module you have uploaded and click the Install button:

Have in mind that some modules require additional steps to be performed in order to install them. Usually there is a readme file with instructions inside the module archive.