CS-Cart introduction

CS-Cart is one of the most popular scripts for creating your online shop and it is 100% open source. One of its favorable traits is its inexpensiveness, combined with an intuitive and easy-to use template management system, which makes the choosing of one of the built-in templates a smooth process.

The platform is written on PHP and it uses MySQL database. To improve interface convenience and reduce traffic, the Ajax technology is actively used when building the interface elements.

This amazing software was first released in 2005 and has kept up evolving throughout the years, with undergoing major improvements and changes to satisfy the growing diverse needs of the eCommerce sector.

With CS-Cart focusing heavily on the user-friendliness, you actually don’t need any experience as a programmer or any technical one in general. When using it you can maintain your focus entirely on your online business and not worry about having to learn difficult new technical details. The Administration Panel is built to function in a very user-friendly manner and with it, you will be able to add content, manage the SEO, change the website’s themes, amend the categories and many more options with ease. Some of these functions are going to be covered in the others sections of this tutorial as well.

Over 70 payment systems are integrated within CS-Cart, including, of course, the major ones of the rank of PayPal and eWay. Together with them, the script offers a great variety of shipping methods as well.

You can create, edit and move blocks of information pretty easy with the Block Management option and operates with a simple drag-and-drop functionality.

All the improvements have gradually led to the establishment of CS-Cart as one of the leading platforms for online stores in terms of the flexibility it offers to its users and an undeniably extensive range of customization features, which can satisfy almost every requirement. One of the prime examples how this capability for different solutions can be implemented in practice is the fact that you can start your CS-Cart shopping cart project in a small and cost-effective fashion and then gradually scale it up, thereby growing your small online shop into an extensive Internet retailer, without any kind of worries about changing your software. That is why the script has a four major versions, which you can easily upgrade when your shopping cart grows. These software editions are CS-Cart Community, CS-Cart Professional, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and CS-Cart Ultimate. You can compare the different packages on the CS-Cart official website.

Over 30,000 happy customers have recognized the quality and are currently using CS-Cart as their own shopping cart software and continue to count on its reliability.

Last but not least, with our CS-Cart Hosting Packages, you will get the full range of the script’s features, together with an efficient, fast and reliable hosting and our Genius Support Team will be glad to help you out 24/7 with any technical issues you may stumble upon.