ClipBucket Backup

We have outlined the most important features of ClipBucket in the other sections of this tutorial, but here, we want to pay attention to a detail which must not be overlooked. These days, even the most sophisticated technologies cannot guarantee that nothing will harm the files or the database associated with your website. That is why we are making automatic backup of the files once a week and a database backup on a daily basis for our Shared and Cloud hosting packages.

However if you need to create a backup of your project at a specific time you can easily perform this action on all of our packages following the instructions below.

First, simply download all of your files, located in the ClipBucket installation folder using an FTP client. Detailed steps of how you can perform this procedure can be found in this article.

Then, there is just one more step you need to go through to make a complete backup. You just have to export your database through your cPanel and the phpMyAdmin feature. If you are not aware how to do that, here is a detailed explanation.