ClipBucket Introduction

ClipBucket is a great PHP script for video sharing. It is free for anybody to use and this is one of the reasons it is one of the top open source video sharing scripts. Its advanced social features, such as the ability for the users to send friend requests and messages, as well as creating playlists and groups, makes it one of the fastest growing video scripts as well. Its popularity is also due to the flexible video advertisement features it offers to the owners of video sharing platforms that run on it.

ClipBucket’s development team is highly qualified. They have managed to implement all these amazing features, together with the flexibility of building either video or photo sharing website. The developers are also dedicated to the cyber security and that is why ClipBucket is 100% SQL injection-free.

ClipBucket prides itself with very responsive web design. By using CSS and HTML to enlarge/shrink and resize it makes the content look good on variety of different platforms, such as smartphones, tablets and desktops. The application is very SEO friendly, which helps with the popularization of online media projects built on it. The script also offers the possibility of uploading and watching HD video as well as supporting online streaming.