ClipBucket Introduction

ClipBucket is a great PHP script for video sharing. It is free for anybody to use and this is one of the reasons it is one of the top open source video sharing scripts. Its advanced social features, such as the ability for the users to send friend requests and messages, as well as creating […]

ClipBucket Manual Installation

ClipBucket is one the most widely used platforms for building video sharing websites. It offers a variety of amazing functionalities and is easy to manage, once the installation is complete. You can go through the process in two different ways – through automatic or through manual installation of the application. In this tutorial we are […]

ClipBubucket Manage User Permissions

ClipBucket is one of the most renowned application for building video sharing platforms. Its prominence is also due to the fact that it offers great flexibility. You can set it up so that every registered user can upload a video or alternatively, only the administrators or users with certain privileges can do so. All this […]

ClipBucket theme install

One of the top platforms for video sharing available on the market right now is definitely the ClipBucket script. It provides its users with variety of flexible features. Though it has an appealing outlook, you can easily change its design by integrating a new theme into it. In order to do that you first need […]

ClipBucket Plugins Installation

ClipBucket is an amazing script and without a doubt one of the most popular video sharing platforms on the market. It offers various exceptional features. If, however, you have certain needs for your website, which cannot be met by the built-in ClipBucket functionalities – there is the option of installing plugins to extend its functionalities. […]

ClipBucket Backup

We have outlined the most important features of ClipBucket in the other sections of this tutorial, but here, we want to pay attention to a detail which must not be overlooked. These days, even the most sophisticated technologies cannot guarantee that nothing will harm the files or the database associated with your website. That is […]

How To Install ClipBucket Automatically?

clipbucket logo

ClipBucket is widely used platform for building video sharing online projects. Accessing its many amazing functionalities is easy, once you install it. There are two methods to do that. Here, we are going to cover the auto installation procedure. The application is appropriate for all of our hosting packages. Here are the System Requirements of […]

How To Create a Category or Subcategory in ClipBucket?

ClipBucket is indeed one of the best performing video sharing online platforms. In order to begin the process of setting up your own website, one of the first things you will need to do is to create new categories for the videos you and your visitors are about to upload. Here, we are going to […]

How To Upload Videos In ClipBucket?

ClipBucket prides itself on being one of the top video sharing platforms available at the moment. We have covered the various steps towards operating your website on it – from the installation up until the backup processes, but probably the most essential features of all, which we are going to write about in this tutorial, […]

How To Manage The Basic Settings of ClipBucket?

With ClipBucket sharing your video content is made into a very easy-to-do process. It has a variety of functionalities and most of them also depend on your ClipBucket settings. Here, we are going to cover the basic ones and show you where the settings menus are located. Your first step should be to login into […]