Introduction to vTiger CRM

VTiger CRM is a great open source script for customer relationship management (CRM). It is one of the most popular CRM applications worldwide with more than four million downloaded copies by its users as it is an ideal product for small and medium-sized businesses and their needs. There are different versions of the software – […]

How to install vTiger automatically?

VTiger CRM is a script worth using for your small or medium-size business needs. It is available for free and fully open source. It offers you a great variety of functionalities, as well as the the ability for customization. To begin your journey with vTiger CRM with our TMDHosting packages, you first need to install it on […]

How to install themes in vTiger CRM?

One of the most important things to note for vTiger CRM are the many features it offers to its users and especially – the user-friendliness and ease of navigation. In this section of the tutorial, we are going to cover the installation process for themes. It is a pretty easy and straightforward one as the developers of […]

How to add extra languages to your vTiger CRM?

As discussed in the Introduction part of this tutorial, vTiger CRM is one of the most popular scripts of its kind with over 4 million downloads worldwide. And one of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that it is available on 16 of the most used languages, thus covering the majority of users. An additional […]

How to create contacts in vTiger CRM?

With our vTiger CRM hosting packages you have access to a variety of amazing features and will be able to achieve great results. Here, we are going to focus on describing the steps towards one of the key processes – those of how exactly to create a new contact on vTiger CRM. It is actually an extremely […]

How to setup e-mail boxes in vTiger?

In this tutorial, we have already covered some of the most crucial aspects and features of your vTiger CRM installation and functionalities. One of the key features for such online platform is working with emails. Both the incoming and the outgoing settings need to be taken care of and in this part of the tutorial we are […]

How to install customer portal module on your vTiger CRM?

Some of the many great functionalities that vTiger CRM offers for free is the Customer Portal one. With it, your contacts would be able to login and view a variety of information, such as Invoices, Quotes, Tickets and many more, according to what you have allowed them to see. We are going to explain you the process […]

How to create a backup of vTiger?

When maintaining an online project, it is imperative to keep all the data, accumulated until any point, safe, in case an unexpected hacker attack or other emergency occurs. That’s why backups are so important and in this section, we are going to explain how you can create one by yourself. Here are the couple of […]

How to install vTiger Manually?

VTiger CRM, being one of the most popular scripts of its kind on the market today with more than four million downloads, has a big community of active users, who can help you out with advice at any given point. The latest version of this platform offers amazing functionalities for your small or medium-sized business […]

Getting started with the vTiger administration

It is not a coincidence that vTiger is one of the most popular CRM platforms on the market today with more than four million downloads. In fact, one of the main factors, contributing towards that, is the fact that it contains a lot of amazing features and offers its users great functionality and flexibility. In this part […]