What is the difference between module, plugin, and component in Joomla

What is the difference between module, plugin, and component in Joomla? Although they are commonly mistaken, the component, module and plugin are three totally different parts of Joomla that make your website function the way you want. In this tutorial, we would like to tell you more about the difference between a Component, Module and […]

Manual Joomla Installation

In case you need or prefer to install a new Joomla instance manually, here is how to proceed: You would first need to access their website to download the installation package: From there, you can use the “Download Joomla!” button to download the latest stable version available. It is recommended to always download the […]

Automatic Joomla Installation

Here we will show how to perform a quick automated Joomla installation.  First, log in to your cPanel account then scroll down to the Software section and click on the Softaculous Apps Installer: You can also use the search bar at the top right corner  to start typing “Softaculous” and hit enter once it appears […]

Joomla 1.0 To Joomla 1.5 Upgrade

Joomla 3 utilizes a very simple and straightforward method to update the current version to the latest available. Usually, when a newer version is available, you will be notified via a message at the top of your Administrative area page: You can also manually access it from  Components -> Joomla!Update: Checking for a new available […]

Joomla Performance Optimization

When it comes to website performance, there are multiple factors affecting it, but here we will discuss some of the most basic and important ones: Enable Caching in the website, so that static content can be accessed quicker after the first visit to it.  To enable Caching in Joomla, access the Administrative area of the […]

Joomla Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to have the website better indexed by the search engines, such as Google andYahoo, the pages must have meaningful names. For this purpose we will use Joomla’s SEO feature. You will have to enable mod_rewrite if you want to use SEO for your Joomla installation. Mod_rewrite by default enabled on all TMDHosting servers and, you will […]

How To Create A Poll?

Now to find out what are visitor’s opinions toward our new site, we will place a poll. To do this, we choose Components -> Polls from the top menu: We will click on [New] from the top-right menu to create a new poll. We will call the poll: “Your opinion about our site”. We will list all […]

How To Set A Default Page?

As we are still in the Menu Item Manager, set the page “About us” as default. We check its radio button for this purpose and click on [Default] from the top menu: Now, as an option we can remove the system placed link “Home” as well, because it will not be necessary. Next, we will […]

How To Link Articles To The Menu?

Now, to make sure that our pages can be accessed, so we will link them in the site menu. From the admin panel, go to Menus -> Main Menu. Firstly, we delete all the default links. To select all links, check the first radio button and click on Trash. (You can safely disregard the warning that will appear “You […]

How To Create a Contact Page?

Next, a “Contact us” page with an online mail form will be added. First, to create a new Contacts Category, so go to Components -> Contacts -> Categories: Click on [New]. Because of our plan to have a simple Contact Us page, we will create one single category called “General” and click on [Save]. As you […]