How to reset XOOPS admin password?

This tutorial is meant for people who have lost their Xoops administrator password and do not have access to the email account associated with the admin user. To reset the password, we will show you how to edit the database records for your administrator user. First, login to your cPanel and navigate to phpMyAdmin:PhpMyAdmin

Click on the database that your Xoops website uses. Then find the table called “x0ee_users”.

Note: The prefix might be different if you have not used the default one

Database Tables

On the next page find your administrator user and click the “Edit” button:

Row Edit

Find the field called “pass” and for “function” select “MD5” in the field “Value” enter the password which you wish to use for your site:

Password Change

Click the “Go” button to update the records. Now you can login to your site administrator area with the new password you have set.