How to add content in blocks in XOOPS?

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to new content on your Xoops website using blocks. We assume that you have already logged in the administration area of your site. While in there click on the “Blocks” icon:

Blocks Icon

Click the “Add Block” button:

Add Block

On the next page you can add your content. You can use these options to customize your new block:

Block type – position of the block

Weight – blocks with lower numbers appear on top


Visible in – choose the pages on which the block will be available


Content – this is where you add your content

Content Type – you can add HTML code, php script or use auto formatting

Cache Lifetime

Groups – the block will be available for the selected groups

Content Add

The new block will now be available on the page on you have allowed it:


If you wish to move the content on another page you can use the “Blocks” option to drag and drop the block in another area:

Another Area