How to Transfer IPB from Another Host?

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to transfer your IP Board from another host to your account with TMDHosting. The first thing you will need to do is copy your website files via an FTP client and upload them in your account with TMDHosting. You can check our FTP video tutorials at:

The next thing you will need to do is export your website’s database. You can easily do that using a database management tool like phpMyAdmin. To find which database your website uses, open the file called conf_global.php. You can find the name of your database on the following line:

$INFO[‘sql_database’] = ‘database_name’;

The text between the second quotes will be the name of your database. To export your site’s database via phpMyAdmin, you can check our video tutorial at:

The next step is to create a new MySQL database within your account with TMDHosting. Login to your cPanel and find the MySQL Database Wizard icon. Simply enter the details for your database and its users. The wizard will perform the creation of the database for you. Once you have created the MySQL database, head to phpMyAdmin and import the previously exported copy of your site’s database. You can check our video tutorial on how to import a database via phpMyAdmin here:

As a final step, you will need to open the file conf_global.php with a text editor like notepad. The file is located in your IPB root directory. Find the following lines and edit them with the MySQL details that you have created earlier:

$INFO[‘sql_host’] = ‘localhost’;

$INFO[‘sql_database’] = ‘database_name’;

$INFO[‘sql_user’] = ‘database_user’;

$INFO[‘sql_pass’] = ‘password’;

Replace “database_name”, “database_user” “password” with the MySQL database details that you have created earlier. Save the file and upload it again in your account to make sure the file is active.

Your site transfer has been successfully completed.