Automatic Elgg installation

With TMDHosting you can easily install Elgg with just a few clicks. For that purpose simply login to your cPanel and find the “Softaculous” icon under the “Software/Services” category:

Automatic Elgg installation

Find the “Social Networking” category and expand it. Under there you will see Elgg:

Automatic Elgg installation

You will be taken to the overview page for Elgg. Click the “Install” tab:

Automatic Elgg installation

In the install page you will need to enter some details:

Choose domain – from the dropdown menu select the domain/subdomain for which you will be installing Elgg

In directory – leave blank if you want to access your site via

Data Directory – set the name of the folder Elgg keep its data

Site Name – name of the site

Site Description – fill words to describe the site

Site Email – setup a valid email address

Automatic Elgg installation

Scroll down a bit to setup the administrative login details for your site:

Admin Username

Admin password

Real name

Admin Email – make sure to use a valid email address as you might need this later

Automatic Elgg installation


Click the “Install” button when you have filled all the data. Wait for Softaculous to complete the installation for you.

That’s it! You have successfully installed Elgg.