Elgg Introduction

Elgg is an award winning open source social networking platform. It can be used for building different types of social networking environments for universities, schools or colleges, or running an internal collaborative platform for your organization. Elgg is a feature rich platform that can help you easily build your project. Some of the highlighted features […]

Automatic Elgg installation

With TMDHosting you can easily install Elgg with just a few clicks. For that purpose simply login to your cPanel and find the “Softaculous” icon under the “Software/Services” category: Find the “Social Networking” category and expand it. Under there you will see Elgg: You will be taken to the overview page for Elgg. Click the […]

Manual Elgg installation

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to install Elgg social networking platform manually. Before we start, you should prepare for the installation procedure. First, download the latest available Elgg package from their official website at: Upload all of the archive files in the directory where you wish to install Elgg. […]

Elgg cronjob configuration

Elgg has a cron handler for executing certain functionality periodically. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to configure your Elgg cron command in your cPanel. In Elgg, the cron command takes the following parameters: – if you need to run the command every minute – if you want to […]

Elgg users validation

Upon registration, your new users will receive a welcome email where they will be provided with a validation link for their profile on your website. To validate their accounts they should simply click on the link. In case that they have not received the message or they have used an invalid email you can still […]

How to install plugins in Elgg?

The Elgg script comes with plenty of functionalities, but you can extend them even more by installing new plugins in your Elgg website. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to install new Elgg plugins. You can find a great variety of Elgg plugins at: Once you have found the plugin […]

How to install themes in Elgg?

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to install new Elgg themes. You may choose one from: Once you have chosen the theme which you wish to use, download its archive. Extract the archive and upload its contents in the following directory of your account: /public_html/path-to-elgg/mod/ Where “path-to-elgg” is the actual […]

How to install language packs in Elgg?

By default you will download the English version of Elgg. You can however translate the website to your own language by installing a language pack. Language packs are available for download at the Elgg community website at: Once you have downloaded the language pack archive, extract its contents in the root directory of your […]

Google Analytics integration in Elgg

Google Analytics provides useful information about your website visits, traffic, keyword search and others. As a website owner, you will surely want to track your website with Google Analytics. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to integrate Google Analytics tracking code with your Elgg website. The first thing you will need […]

Admin password reset in Elgg

We are going to show you how to reset your Elgg administrative password. The first one is to use the “Lost Password” feature on the login page: Enter your administrative email, and the password will be sent to that email address: If you have not used a valid email address, we will show you how […]