SocialEngine Introduction

SocialEngine Introduction SocialEngine is a social networking web application that allows you to create and manage different types of online community. It is based on PHP and MySQL and it offers great reliability and security. The script was initially released in June 2006 and has become a leader among all of the community based web […]

How To Manage The Front-Page Layout in SocialEngine?

How To Manage The Front-Page Layout in SocialEngine The SocialEngine application provides a great looking design and arrangement of the elements on each page but however, depending on your specific needs you might want to change the appearance of the menus. In this section of our tutorial we will show you how to manage the […]

How To Upload Files in SocialEngine?

When you are building your website you will most probably need to upload images, banners or other files to the application, which you will later use. In this section of our tutorial we will show you how to do that in SocialEngine. First you need to access the admin panel of the website and navigate […]

How To Add Language To SocialEngine?

Depending on the target group of users you might need to add more than one language to your SocialEngine website. In order to do that you first need to go to your admin control panel and navigate to Layout > Language Manager: On the following page you have two options to choose from – Create […]

How To Create A Backup Of My SocialEngine Website?

Keeping a copy of the files and database associated with your community is always a good idea due to the fact that something unexpected can cause it to malfunction or even worse – some of the files might be mistakenly deleted. You can rest assured that on all of our shared hosting packages a weekly […]

How To Install SocialEngine?

How To Install SocialEngine In this section of our SocialEngine tutorial we will show you how to perform the installation process. The application is appropriate for all of our hosting packages and you should only have in mind that once the members of your community grow in number you might need to consider an upgrade […]

How To Install Modules In SocialEngine?

As you probably already know SocialEngine provides a lot of different functionalities built-in the application core. However depending on the needs of your community website you may need to add more capabilities to the script. This can be achieved easily by installing an additional plugin. We will now show you how to achieve this on […]

How To Install Themes In SocialEngine?

To create a successful online community it is important to combine both various functionalities and a nice slick design. Fortunately there are a lot of themes available for SocialEngine that you can install on your application. Before you initiate the installation you need to search for the appropriate theme and download it on your local […]

How To Manage The Members’ Permissions In SocialEngine

When building an online community you would be required to assign different roles to the users of your website. Except the normal users you will most probably have administrators and moderators. To manage these member levels you need to understand the basic member levels that the SocialEngine application offers. In this section of our tutorial […]