vBulletin Introduction

Some of the key features of vBulletin are the fast and efficient database back end, the template driven interface, flexible plugin and language system as well as fully customizable icons, images and avatars.

Based on the PHP/MySQL technology vBulletin is easy to install and fully compatible with the shared hosting servers nowadays with well optimized database table structure queries. Still, be advised that large community forums with thousand of posts and users may require dedicated resources for better performance and scalability. The minimum vBulletin system requirements of the hosting environment are:

PHP 4.3.3
MySQL 4.0.16

TMDHosting shared servers fully meet the recommended system requirements for vBulletin and provide excellent vBulletin hosting platform for your forum. Officially recommended servers settings are:

PHP 5.2.5 or higher
MySQL 5.0.51 or higher