vBulletin Introduction

Some of the key features of vBulletin are the fast and efficient database back end, the template driven interface, flexible plugin and language system as well as fully customizable icons, images and avatars. Based on the PHP/MySQL technology vBulletin is easy to install and fully compatible with the shared hosting servers nowadays with well optimized […]

How to install vBulletin?

With this vBulletin hosting package you will never be on your own. Our expert vBulletin technical support team will make sure that you have a bug-free and secure vBulletin installation in less than 10 minutes, complete free of charge. The vBulletin installation can be requested from the client’s area -> Get Support section -> Submit Support Ticket. Create MySQL database […]

How to change vBulletin themes?

Having a great-looking and unique vBulletin website has never been easier before. Simply choose the vBulletin style that you would like to have on your vBulletin website and our professional tech support team will install it for free in almost no time. Any vBulletin Style installation can be requested from the client’s area -> Get Support section […]

How to modify your vBulletin avatars, post icons, smilies and BB Code?

The vBulletin control panel provides you with the functionality to modify and upload new avatars post icons, smilies and edit your BB code. This can be done via the correspondent section from the menu on the left in the vBulletin admin panel. If you would like to modify or remove any of the already existing […]

How to administrate forum users?

The Administrative User panel provides you with the ability to add, ban, merge and delete users. In order to add a new user to your forum via the admin panel, please click on the Add New User under the Users menu. On the User Manager page you can set the new username and password as […]

How to set forum under maintenance?

If you are going to perform global website changes or you would like to temporary disable your forum you can achieve this via the vBulletin administrative panel by referring to the vBulletin Options menu. From the settings list, please click on the Turn your vBulletin on and off and click on the Edit Settings button. […]