SilverStripe introduction

SilverStripe CMS is an open source web content management system used from large number of government, private and nonprofit organizations. It is a power tool for professional web development teams, and web content authors rave about how easy it is to use.
As a platform, SilverStripe CMS is used to build websites, intranets, and web applications. The modern architecture of SilverStripe CMS allows organizations to keep pace with the innovations on the web. SilverStripe CMS enables websites and applications to combine stunning design, great content, and compelling interactive and social functions.

Besides /Apart from a powerful and intuitive content authoring application, SilverStripe CMS contains a powerful PHP5-based programming framework, Sapphire. Sapphire brings immense flexibility and ease in customizing your site and provides fundamentals such as security models, workflow, caching, as well as multiple language and subsite support.

SilverStripe CMS is open source, underpinned by public documentation, free code, and a developer community. It is based on open standards and supports multiple technology platforms.